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I will strongly second Eszter's comment -- I've gone to this conference for
a number of years, and I'm also on the Program Committee this year.  TPRC
would be of interest to a wide range of AoIRers, particularly those
interested in policy.  A number of policymakers attend, and it's a great
opportunity for exposure to the latest policy-relevant research and get a
sense the type of future research would be most relevant to policymakers.

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> This is a GREAT conference, I hope some of you
> can attend! Let me know if you have any questions
> about it, this will be my fifth time there and I was
> on the Program Committee this year so I have a pretty
> good idea of what to expect. -- Eszter
> Shaping Debate, Informing Decision Makers: 31st Annual
> Telecommunications Policy Research Conference on
> Communications, Information and Internet Policy
> http://www.tprc.org
> Benjamin Compaine, Chair of TPRC Board of Directors
> Email: compaine at itc.mit.edu
> Robert Cannon, Chair of Program Committee
> Email: cannon at cybertelecom.org
> (Arlington, Virginia) - The 31st annual Telecommunications Policy Research
> (TPRC) on Communications, Information and Internet Policy will be held
September 19 through 21, 2003 in Arlington, Virginia.
> Hosted by the Center for Technology and Law at George Mason
> University Law School, TPRC is the premier senior-level academic
> forum that addresses the economic, social, and technical dimensions
> of communications policy in the Information Age.
> "There are few, if any policy conferences where government decision
> makers go out of their way to be in the audience as opposed to being
> on the podium," observes Robert Cannon, Chair of the Program
> Committee. "TPRC is the annual showcase where decision makers go to
> be exposed to original thinking and hard data."
> This year's conference features over twenty sessions during which
> economists, social scientists, technologists and lawyers present
> original research about a range of timely topics to include broadband
> deployment, Wi-Fi networks, consolidation and mergers, and digital
> copyrights.
> Keynote speakers will be Michael K. Powell (invited), Federal
> Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Randolph May of the
> Progress & Freedom Foundation, and Andrew Schwartzman (invited) of
> the Media Access Project.
> Program highlights include panels discussing the FCC's relaxed media
> ownership rules, the Congressional challenge to that ruling, and an
> exploration into the consolidation of and competition in
> telecommunications industries by senior economists from the
> Department of Justice, the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission.
> Devoid of sound bites, pundits and rhetoric, TPRC moves into the
> oasis of original research and solid data. "Where else can you find
> the FCC's Chief for Policy Development, Commissioners and staff, some
> of the leading thinkers from the academic community, and former FCC
> economists and technologists?" reflects Ben Compaine, Chair of the
> Board of Directors, about the upcoming conference.
> Complete details about the conference and registration materials are
> available online at www.tprc.org. Attendees save $100 if registration
> is received by August 22, 2003.
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