[Air-l] network density on friendster

Aldon Hynes ahynes1 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 11:24:36 PDT 2003

I connected to Friendster several months ago.  Many of
my friends from LambdaMOO and LiveJournal were on, and
my network grew quite rapidly.  I was hoping that it
would be some interesting variante of sixdegrees.com

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything useful in
friendster; I had better ways to communicate with my
network, so I pretty much left it idle.

That was, until someone from the Howard Dean campaign
mentioned friendster.  I reconnected to find that my
network was upto around 100K people.  I found that
'Howard Dean' is in the network.  I added him and I
now have 165K friends.

(As a side comment, 'God' is also on Friendster, and I
believe that 'God' is a friend of a friend of mine. 
Actually searching for God, you find several choices. 
One of my more interesting connections to 'God' is 

Me <==> Howard <==> dubya <==> Jesus <==> God )

That said, I still haven't found any good use for it,
and as it has grown it has gotten much more


--- jeremy hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
> I just logged into Friendster again and through Matt
> Stoner, I now have 
> close to 5000 people in that social network, though
> i know few of them. 
>   Matt of course thus would have all of those minus
> one, because I was 
> somewhat uninterested in Friendster until i saw this
> new number.  So 
> thus I'm wondering if any other members of AoIR have
> played with 
> Friendster and what have they found?  Specifically,
> I'm wondering if 
> this probably fits the old sixdegrees.com cloud
> system, and whether the 
> core and periphery of those clouds are well defined,
> as they were at 
> sixdegrees.com
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