[Air-l] hotel information for AOIR Toronto: Broadening the Band

Rhiannon Bury welshwitch75 at rogers.com
Thu Jul 31 10:54:14 PDT 2003

Checking with the Hilton, it seems people aren't in hotel booking mode 
yet. As Nancy and Steve have mentioned, it is crucial to the financial 
success of the conference that people stay at the Hilton.  The AOIR 
Toronto working committee was down at the hotel last week for a 
walkabout and it really is a great space with the meeting rooms off the 
central foyer, where we will hold the opening reception and other 
events. We had lunch in one of the restaurants and the food was 
excellent (and I'm fussy about my food).

 It's going to be non stop activity, with 9 concurrent sessions from 
8:30 to 5, great keynotes, Thursday reception, Saturday gala (ticket 
required), Sunday brunch (ticket required), book exhibit and some form 
of cybercafe/sandbox.

But no, it's not cheap, and understandably, those with little or no 
funding will be looking for alternatives. Rather than save a few bucks 
by staying 20 minutes away and having to rush to early morning sessions, 
share a room instead! I've done it before as a grad student at several 
conferences and always had a great experience, meeting new, interesting 
people. I also liked the flexibility of  being able to come back to the 
room for a little break during the day.

Mark cannot be the only male out there who needs to share a room!


Mark D. Johns wrote:

> At 07:21 PM 7/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>> For those of you who wish to keep costs down and yet still be at the 
>> heart of the conference action, we now have our roommate finder forum 
>> up and running:
>> http://www.ecommons.net/aoir/p/list.php?f=2
> Sure not much activity on the roommate finder.  Everyone else must 
> have a more flush travel budget than I!!!
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