[Air-l] Impact of intense technology use on memorization's quality

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Here's a cite for some  background info. The work is theoretical.

Check Merlin Donald, "The Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the
Evolution of Culture and Cognition." Harvard University Press, 1991.

Donald sees such memory devices as you mention below as "exended memory" in
which we hold the treasures of all of our cognitive development and
heritage. This is different than impairing our memory. Rather it's more
akin, in my perspective, to the lines of thinking of Vannavar Bush and the
Memex device that he conceived to free up the higher thinking processes from
mundane tasks.

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Ones could think that the intense use of technology could lead to a
impairment of our memory.

Immediate information finding through Web queries, automatic calendar alerts
via PDA, telephone numbers memorized by cellular phones, access routes
computed by GPS, and so on.

Do you know if anybody published a study or an article about this subject.

And what do YOU think about it ?

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