[Air-l] Impact of intense technology use on memorization's quality

Ruth Kaufman ruth at ruthkaufman.com
Tue Jul 8 12:19:21 PDT 2003

> And what do YOU think about it ?

Personal annecdote: I waited tables in college. I could only remember
my orders if I didn't write them down. I could remember 3 course meals
for tables of up to 6, and could probably recite some tables back to
you now. One day we got a new manager who insisted that not writing
orders on a memo pad was unprofessional. I started forgetting salads,
coffees, and special requests left and right. There are 2 points here:
1) I agree based on personal experience (for whatever it's worth) that
media are extensions of memory; 2) high-tech media and tools should not
be singled out; any medium that does its job affects memory and other
human cognitive processes.


Ruth Kaufman

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