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I just got the book today.
Can I write in it. Is this book mine now or do I have to give it back

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> Folks,
> here's the latest version of an interesting call for papers.  sorry if
> this has already been sent to the list.  david
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> The Information Society (TIS) special issue on
> Edited by Milton Mueller (Syracuse University) and Becky Lentz (Ford
> Foundation)
> If the 1990s was the decade of market liberalization in media and
> telecommunication industries worldwide, how will the next decade be
> defined? What and who will set the agenda for communication and
> policy?
> Current policy discourse is focused on relatively narrow regulatory or
> legal issues, such as broadband regulation, the proper scope of
> intellectual property rights, interconnection and competition in
> telecommunications, and media concentration. While recognizing the
> importance of issue-specific policy research, this special issue would
> attempt to shift some attention to the underlying social and political
> determinants of public policy. The objective is to encourage the
> development of revised conceptions of the public interest appropriate to a
> transformed economic and political environment. Papers that bring together
> insights from multiple areas, such as political science, sociology,
> economics, critical geography, information studies, urban studies, policy
> studies, communications and cultural studies, are especially welcome.
> Ideally, papers would shed light on current developments and place them in
> perspective that has relevance for future public policy directions.
> As more specific examples of the type of papers/research we seek:
> * Analyses of long-term change in media and telecommunications
> that draw upon any relevant literature of institutional change (e.g., the
> New Institutional Economics, the Old Institutional Economics, social
> movement theory, sociological theories of organizational repertoires and
> innovation).
> * Papers exploring changes in the way citizens, consumers, business groups
> or other constituencies are organizing to influence communication and
> information policy, including new analyses of how so-called global civil
> society or transnational advocacy networks are involved in communication
> and information issues;
> * Papers that assess the impact of globalization on communication and
> information policies, and explore the relationship between national
> policies, constituencies, and institutions on the one hand and
> international organizations and constituencies on the other.
> * How conceptions of the public interest in communication and information
> policy have changed in response to new technologies, new industry
> conditions and political and social developments. Are new theories of the
> public interest in communications and information policy being formed? How
> are normative principles responding to the changing landscape?
> * Explorations of the role of ideas and scholarly research in shaping,
> fomenting or resisting changes in policy.
> Manuscripts prepared according to the TIS guidelines should be submitted
> October 1, 2003.
> Please send the manuscripts to: Milton Mueller <mueller at syr.edu>. Authors
> are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the guest editors.
> http://www.slis.indiana.edu/TIS/contributors/authors.html
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