[Air-l] 1$CAN on sophisticates and lefties over candidates

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Mon Jul 21 06:51:51 PDT 2003

> measure that, by the way?) or more liberal political thinking.  In fact,
> the first wave of Internet adopters tended to be Republican (given that
> they were more affluent than the general population), and there doesn't
> appear to exist any research indicating that group has become more
> liberal.

i have to wonder just which "first wave" we're talking about, and just
which clues are under discussion.  are we talking about the 'first wave'
from the universities of the 1970s, the 'first wave' of leisure users of
the late 1980s (IRC and MUD users), or the 'first wave' of users
post-1993, when commercial traffic was first allowed?  [wave 1: probably
pretty much steeped in university culture, based on what's out there
[MSGGROUP]; wave 2: pretty counterculture in flavor, from my observations;
wave 3: *possibly* with republican tendencies, though i think 'massively
libertarian' might be more accurate as a descriptor of the pre-1996

and just how are you defining 'Internet'?  we could have all sorts of fun
deconstructing this... with the fact that all of the politically
interesting resources were defined to be web URLs as just one point.


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