[Air-l] "Personal" or "desktop" ip-videoconferencing research references

Quentin (Gad) Jones quentin.jones at njit.edu
Mon Jul 28 05:20:59 PDT 2003

Ben Anderson wrote:
> On 24/7/03 11:27 am, "E. Sean Rintel" <er8430 at albany.edu> wrote:
>>Since this is a move for me from my previous CMC research (on IRC),
>>and the few basic library and web searches that I've done aren't
>>turning up signficant results, can anyone recommend any references
>>on what people do in videoconferences? What is seminal? What's new?
> Start from here?
> Video-mediated Communication (Computers, Cognition and Work)  
> Kathleen E. Finn (Editor), Abigail J. Sellen (Editor), Sylvia B. Wilbur
> (Editor) 84 pages (March 1997)
> Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc; ISBN: 0805822887

Then look at Whittaker, S. (2003). Things to talk about when talking 
about things. In Human Computer Interaction.

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