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Check out F. Kittler's _Gramophone, Film Typewriter_, or G. Genosko's 
_The Masters of Implosion_


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>Subject: [Air-l] Seen Any Good McLuhan Cites Lately?
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>I'm trying to track down references (particularly fresh ones) to McLuhan's
>idea that media act as sensory extensions, as referenced in the subtitle 
>_Understanding Media_.   At this time, I'm not especially interested in the
>global village or in his idea that the medium is the message or in the
>other stuff easier to find on McLuhan.
>If you have suggestions and could please send them to me off-list, I 
>greatly appreciate it.  If the AoIR list is interested in the cumulative
>results, I will be glad to share the list that results at a later time.
>Wendy Robinson
>wgrobin at uc.edu
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>Univ of Cincinnati
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