[Air-l] How widely spread is filesharing - statistical data needed

Jeppe Bo Pedersen jbp at it.dk
Tue Jun 3 01:58:07 PDT 2003


I'm in the middle of a project examining the phenomenon of filesharing, - especially why it is so popular compared to official download services, even though it takes place under heavy fire from the entire entertainment business (both in courtrooms and through more or less radical actions by the rightful owners of the shared content).

But before I dig into both the obvious user-oriented as well as the deeper grounded cultural and network-specific reasons, that can reveal some level of clarity, I would like to know if there exists any statistical data on the usage of filesharing, e.g. 

- How many share files on a regularly basis (eg. daily, weekly, monthly)?
- What is the usage growth rate?
- What filetypes are the most popular (music, software, films - listed in percentages/GB )?
...and answers that lies within the area of those questions 

KaZaa has achieved the 230 millions of downloads-mark on Download.com, and the different organisations that represents the entertainment business (RIAA, BSA and others) has released their statistical data on piracy to follow their views on the matter. But I need some more exact figures on filesharing specifically, and would appreciate any help available through this mailing list for Internet researchers. And is this field quantitatively examined in a properly manner at all?

In addition, I would like to know if any other researchers share this interest? In that case don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm new to this list, so I'm sorry if this request crosses earlier threads on the list, but please bare with me if that is the case.

Thanks in advance and kindest regards
Jeppe Bo Pedersen
Student, MA in Mediastudies
University of Copenhagen, DK
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