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Hi everyone,

I am still going on habituation. I am thinking of the
book _Home_ by someone like Witvald Rybenscki (whew, I
will have to mail in later with the cite as I cannot
remember it). Who talked about 'home' (I am taking off
from 'habitas' here - on the arrival of the culture of
the home) - and I hope not to mean Martha Stewart
here, but she plans her role in the 21st century home,
I guess.
This author (mispelled above) said the culture of home
came from the Brits, and more specifically, Jane
Austen, in the sense of the comfortable or cozy home,
the domesticity that we often think of today.
I was also thinking to further tie these concepts of
home use in with habitual use, there would also be
some level of consumption centered around the internet
in the home. "home consumption" and that the home
moved, in England, from the center of production to
the center of consumption.

I was exactly thinking of domestication and
Silverstone, thanks to another writer - but also that
domestication - the Scandanavians have done a lot of
work on that, how technology is included in the home
as a domestic practice. Don't have anything too
specific in mind here, there are many later
anthologies, this is the only one I had kicking around
in Endnotes: Women, work and computerisation: Forming
new alliances.(1989) K. Tijdens and e. al. Amsterdam,
North-Holland: 153-160.

There's tons more work here to be done on this.


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