[Air-l] Dr. Pat Radin Has Passed Away

Michael Gurstein mgurst at vcn.bc.ca
Sat Jun 7 02:50:06 PDT 2003

This seems to be the season for sad announcements.

I'm forwarding the below to the AiR list as many of you will have met or
know of Pat Radin.

Although relatively new as an academic, Pat had a long career as a science
journalist specializing in new technologies.

I got to know her when in the course of doing her Ph.D. work she approached
me as someone with overlapping interests who lived near her research
contacts in Nova Scotia.  Pat's research  focussing on the creation and
on-going activities of an on-line support group for breast cancer survivors.

Her research, typically for her, was lively, engaged and socially oriented,
as concerned with the benefits that she might provide as with the academic
outcomes of her work. Again typically for her she made friends with the
group and eventually became a trusted advisor for them.

Pat was a big person, big heart, big voice, big presence in the world.  I'll
miss her as a dear friend and as a valued collaborator.

Mike Gurstein

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Hello all-

As you may already know, my mom, Dr. Patricia Radin, passed away Sunday,
June 1st. We believe she died of a heart attack. It comes as a shock to all
of us, and we've been trying hard for the past week to understand how
something like this could happen, and where to go from here.

Many of you have sent cards, flowers, and e-mails expressing your sorrow at
her passing, and for that we are very grateful. It has been uplifting to
know how she impacted so many people's lives in such a positive way. The
support has been invaluable to us in a very difficult time. The past five
days have been a whirlwind, like a very long nightmare, and I'm sending this
out today just to let you know that your messages, letters, and cards are
not going unread.

We are planning a memorial celebration of her life for Sunday, June 29th (it
would have been her 58th birthday). We have not worked out the details yet,
but we hope to have plans made by the end of next week. It will be in the
Bay Area, and will likely run all afternoon. Everyone is welcome to join us.
I will send an e-mail out once we have details to share with you.

Pat's school, Cal State Hayward, is in the process of setting up a Memorial
Scholarship in her name. We think this is a wonderful way to keep her legacy
alive, and would prefer any donations be made to this cause. Again, I will
pass on information regarding this when it becomes available.

My mom had so many friends in so many corners of the world that we felt
e-mail would be the best way to keep in touch with everyone. We have tried
to gather e-mail addresses from many of her sources, but I'm sure we have
e-mail address, and ask them to send me a note so I can add them to our
address book. I want to make sure everyone knows what has occured, and has
the opportunity to participate on June 29th.

Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Kevin Kennedy (Pat's son)
kennedy at alamedanet.net

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