[Air-l] Join Discordia - Critical Internet Blog

geert lovink geert at desk.nl
Thu Jun 19 14:59:20 PDT 2003

Announcing the launch of DISCORDIA:

--a collaborative weblog working at the intersections
of art, dissent, theory, tech culture and politics.


Discordia is an online discussion forum where YOU
post and moderate and filter the content.
Non-English threads are encouraged.

Discordia does not aim to replace mailing lists, but to add another

Discordia has been developed by a diverse group of people distributed
across six time zones working together exclusively online.
Discordia is now ready to welcome participation from people in any
time zone writing in any language.

Discordia is pronounced "Discordia 'R Us."

Read our Why text and FAQ before you start:

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