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Hello, all,
I'm new to this list, and I have been enjoying the discussion thus far. I'm
glad to have the opportunity to participate.

I just finished some research along the lines of the Internet and social
movements, so I have some cites to suggest:

Bonchek, M. (1995). Grassroots in Cyberspace: Using computer networks to
facilitate political participation. MIT Artificial Intelligence
laboraboratory working paper 95-2.2, Presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of
the Midwest Political Science association, Chicago, April 6, 1995.
Retrieved 2/22/03 from

Calhoun, C. (1998). Community without propinquity revisted: communication
technology and the transformation of the urban public sphere. Sociological
Inquiry, 68, 373-97.

Diani, M. (2000). Social Movement Networks: Virtual and Real. Information,
Communication & Society, 3(3), 386-401.

Fisher, D.R. (1998) Rumoring theory and the Internet: A framework for
analyzing the grass roots. Social Science Computer Review, 16(2), 158-168

Myers, D.J. (1994). Communication technology and social movements:
Contributions of computer networks to activism. Social Science Computer
Review, 12, 250-60.

Spears, R., Lea, M., Corneliussen, R.A., Postmes, T., Haar, W. (2002).
Computer-mediated communication as a channel for social resistance: The
strategic Side of SIDE. Small Group Research, 33(5), 555-574.

Wilson, B. (2002). The 'anti-jock' movement: Reconsidering youth resistance,
masculinity, and sport culture in the age of the Internet. Sociology of
Sport Journal, 19(2), 206-233.

Zelwietro, J. (1998). The politicization of environmental organizations
through the Internet. Information Society, 14(1), 45-55.

I hope this helps,
Maria Simone

Doctoral Student
Temple University

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