[Air-l] new reviews in cyberculture studies (july 2003)

david silver dsilver at u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 29 15:41:16 PDT 2003


New reviews (found at www.com.washington.edu/rccs/) include:

Paul Dourish, Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction
(MIT Press, 2001).
Reviewed by Tom Bell
Psychologist and freelance writer

Ollivier Dyens, Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes
Over (MIT Press, 2001).
Reviewed by Bryan Alexander
Center for Educational Technology
Middlebury College

Colette Nicolle and Julio Abascal, Inclusive Design Guidelines for HCI
(Taylor & Francis, 2001).
Reviewed by Rita Lauria
Media Interface and Network Design (M.I.N.D.) Labs

Donald A. Schon, Bish Sanyal, William J. Mitchell, eds., High Technology
and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced
Information Technology (MIT Press, 1998).
Reviewed by Gracie Lawson-Borders
Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Southern Methodist University

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david silver

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