[Air-l] Re: <nettime> from the dotcom observatory (geert lovink)

geert lovink geert at desk.nl
Mon Jun 30 10:40:38 PDT 2003

>    6. <nettime> from the dotcom observatory (geert lovink)

> Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:48:41 +0200 (added by
postmaster at eta.fastwebnet.it)
> From: "geert lovink" <geert at springerin.at>
> Subject: [Air-l] <nettime> from the dotcom observatory
> Reply-To: air-l at aoir.org


someone must have used my name to send this file (a virus?) to this list and
other addresses. Looks like an Italian hacker or someone in Austria perhaps
if you look at the email and header. Sorry about that. It happens more
often. I stopped looking into such cases long time ago. The who and why do
not bother me but it is annoying anyway.

Ciao, Geert

> Content-Type: audio/x-midi;
> name=treba da.txt.pif
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-ID: <a1f144IBpimiH>

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