[Air-l] metaphors for internet security

Denise Carter denisecarter at denisecarter.net
Mon Jun 2 12:56:30 PDT 2003

>From: "jeremy hunsinger" <jhuns at vt.edu>
> I was thinking today about what metaphors might be appropriate for
> internet security.  I was considering primarily metaphors based on
> current technology.  If you had to think that the internet security was
> most like a the security issues surrounding another technology, would
> you think that it was more like keeping a house secure, or a wallet?  a
> car secure or a toaster secure?  thoughts?  other ideas?

i enjoyed thinking about this jeremy - i'd had a difficult day today and
this injected a light note !!- i got to thinking how keeping my internet
access secure is like keeping my car secure
- it's personal
- the driving seat, mirrors, steering column etc are set up just for me like
my internet settings
- i only let people whom i know and trust drive it/my family always ask
permission before using my internet access
- it has an alarm to deter people breaking in/like my firewall
- it has an immobilisor to stop people driving it without permission/i use
content advisor to monitor my son
- it's part of my social life and i need it to get to work/ditto my internet
- it needs servicing at regular intervals/reformatting the hard drive that
usually takes six times as long as it ought to

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