[Air-l] Research on Effects of Power Point?

Beth Mazur bowseat at bethmazur.com
Tue Jun 3 18:12:00 PDT 2003

>Does anyone know of research (formal or otherwise) on the effects of Power
>Point formatting on emerging writing styles, logical argumentation skills,
>or comprehension? I'd be grateful for any data for (or against) the current
>adage that "Power corrupts but Power Point corrupts absolutely."

On the "for" side, you may want to check out Edward Tufte's (who's 
acknowledged for the 'corruption" quote) very recent publication titled
"The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint" ($7 on Tufte's site at
http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/books_pp. I'm not sure that it
includes any real research data, but I'm sure the argument will be

Beth Mazur
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