[Air-l] Hi All :)

Paul Fitz pfitz at dodo.com.au
Thu Jun 5 23:49:48 PDT 2003

Hi Everybody,

I've just joined the list and thought I'd say hi to all out there.

My name is Paul Fitzpatrick, I am currently studying (nearly finished) for
my Masters of Internet Studies (design major) through Curtin University.
At the moment I am studying externally and living on the North Coast of NSW
doing some part time web development work.  I may (hopefully) be doing a PhD
next year, so will be studying aspects of the Internet for a while yet :).

I am quite a habitual user of the Internet and enjoy thinking about the many
techno-sociological effects of the net.  It is moving so darned quickly and
changing how we communicate and associate to such an extent - pretty

btw - I must admit I am somewhat a closet techno-utopian, I'm hoping the
Internet will help us better understand each other on a personal level and
global level -  ideally, the Internet will continue to be a beneficial
resource for humanity (not just a new market place for the information
Running on from that I'm interested in concepts such as Free Software, the
survival of digital commons, a decentralized Internet and Libertarian
aspects (I like ideas/thoughts of Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, Lawrence
Lesig, Baudrillard etc.)

I hope to enjoy discussing some interestoing topics with you all. :)

Paul Fitzpatrick
my email - pfitz at dodo.com.au <mailto:pfitz at dodo.com.au>
my msn: pfitzp101 at hotmail.com <mailto:pfitzp101 at hotmail.com>
my ICQ:  113148008
"I have done that", says my memory. "I cannot have done that", says my
pride, and remains inexorable. Eventually-memory yields" - Nietzsche, Beyond
Good and Evil.

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