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I like this one for qualitative methods - has quite some relationship to 
the bodies of evidence used in the field of communications:
Bauer, M. W., & Gaskell, G. (Eds.). (2000). Qualitative researching with 
text, image and sound: A practical handbook. London: Sage.
List of chapters:
Introduction - Bauer & Gaskell
1 Quality, quantity and knowledge interests: avoiding confusions - 
Bauer, Gaskell, Nicholas C. Allum
Part I Constructing a research corpus
2 Corpus construction: a principle for qualitative data collection - 
Bauer & Bas Aarts
3 Individual and group interviewing - Gaskell
4 Narrative interviewing - Sandra Jovchelovitch & Bauer
5 Episodic interviewing - Uwe Flick
6 Video, film and photographs as research documents - Peter Loizos
7 Bemetology: towards continuous (self-) observation and personality 
assessment - Gerhard Faßnacht
Part II Analytic approaches for text, image and sound
8 Classical content analysis: a review - Bauer
9 Argumentation analysis - Miltos Liakopoulos
10 Discourse analysis - Rosalind Gill
11 Analysis of conversation and talk - Greg Myers
12 Rhetorical analysis - Joan Leach
13 Semiotic analysis of still images - Gemma Penn
14 Analysis of moving images - Diana Rose
15 Analysing noise and music as social data - Bauer
Part III Computer assistance
16 Computer-assisted analysis: coding and indexing - Udo Kelle
17 Keywords in context: statistical analysis of text features - Nicole 
Kromberger & Wolfgang Wagner
Part IV Issues of good practice
18 Fallacies in interpreting historical and social data - Robert W.D. Boyce
19 Toward public accountability: beyond sampling, reliability and 
validity - Gaskell & Bauer

Andrew Herman wrote:
> Friends-
> I wil be teaching a graduate level course on communications research methods next year for the very first time.  Can any of you recommend some good texts to use?
> Thanks,
> AH
> Andrew Herman, Ph. D.
> Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology
> College of the Holy Cross
> Worcester, MA 01610
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