[Air-l] Communication research Methods

Kumiko Aoki, Ph.D. kaoki at bu.edu
Thu Jun 12 10:47:10 PDT 2003

I've been teaching communication research methods courses for five years and
found the following textbooks useful.

Wimmer, R.D. and Dominick, J.R. (2003).  Mass Media Research: An
Introduction.  7th ed.
* Good introductory textbook with ample examples of practical applications
in mass media research.  I use this textbook for my undergraduate research

Frey, L R., Botan, C. H., and Kreps, G L. (2000).  Investigating
Communication: An Introduction Research Methods.  2nd Ed.
* Introductory, but comprehensive textbook with detailed explanation of
statistical analyses.
I used to use this book for my graduate research course.

Reinard, J.C. (2001).  Introduction to Communication Research.  3rd ed.
* Another introductory textbook focusing on quantitative research in

Babbie, E. (2004).  The Practice of Social Research. 10th ed.
* This is more for sociological research than communication research.  But,
the author explains concepts well in a friendly manner.  I use this textbook
for my graduate research course.

Hope this helps.

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> Friends-
> I wil be teaching a graduate level course on communications research =
> methods next year for the very first time.  Can any of you
> recommend some =
> good texts to use?
> Thanks,
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