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Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Sun May 18 17:42:10 PDT 2003

Dear Air-ers -

This is a bit obvious but the university system in
Australia is in crisis with plagiarism - with
estimates running between 8-30% of all student work
submitted for marking has been plagiarized - with
internet papers, internet sources being near the top
of the list. (At SCU, collecting previous exam papers
from the library and recycling them into essays still
seems popular).

This - throw it on the list - attitude can be found in
students who *email their instructors* to provide them
with a detailed list of references for their
assignments! The night before it's due! Brabazon (see
below) says she receives about 240 emails PER DAY
while the semester is on - many -in fact, most having
to do with assignment details - while the digital
discussion room remains silent and empty -

For more on this topic see Barazon, Tara, _Digital
Hemlock_ 2002, New South Wales University Press.

Ok, I still need some things from the list, but I do
try to exhaust all other resources FIRST, and I would
expect other academics to do the same . . .


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