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Attend the 1st Icograda Education Network Conference!

        Icograda Education Network Conference
        University of Brighton

        21 - 23 June 2003 - Brighton, U.K.

        This important Conference at the University of Brighton
        will focus on current issues in graphic design education
        worldwide. Attendance is open to all design educators. 

        Immediately following the two-day Conference, a
        one-day closed Assembly will be held with
        representatives of educational institutions who are
        registered participants of the Icograda Education Network
        (IEN). This Assembly will focus on the structuring of the

        Icograda Education Network Conference 
        University of Brighton

        On 21-22 June 2003, the University of Brighton's Faculty of Art and
        Architecture will host the first Icograda Education Network
        The objective of this event is to generate a truly open and broad
        international discussion in order to identify key issues facing
        design educators. The results of these discussions will serve the
        Assembly following the Conference in defining an agenda for future

        The two-day Conference will include; invited speakers reflecting
        design education in different geographic, social and economic
        environments; participant presenters (based on submitted proposals);
        workshop sessions; panel discussions; and a variety of
        The IEN Conference is open to all. A registration fee of GBP90
        participation in the Conference, the University's Gala Dinner, and
        events. Other meals are not included. IEN participants in good
        are entitled to send one delegate to the Conference at no charge. (A
        GBP30 charge will be made for attending the optional Gala Dinner). A
        block of rooms in local hotels has been reserved. 

        For IEN Conference registration and hotel accommodation, please
        contact: Jennifer Wells at j.wells at brighton.ac.uk , telephone +44
        64 2748, fax +44 1273 64 3227. 

        Icograda Education Network Conference 
        Call for Submissions

        Please submit a 250 word synopsis of your proposed presentation
        with a brief CV and basic information about the structure and
        of your educational institution. Topic material should reflect the
        objectives of the IEN Conference and may include a presentation on
        particular challenges or a report on a particular project or
experience of
        relevance. Proposals should be submitted as a Word document, to
        education at icograda.org by 30 April 2003. Please write presentation
        proposal (name of person) as the message title. The final program
        be circulated by 15 May 2003. (No financial support will be
available for
        presenters, who are expected to register for the Conference). 

        Icograda Education Network - Assembly

        An IEN Assembly will take place on 23 June 2003, immediately
        the IEN Conference, at the University of Brighton. The IEN Assembly
        open to all IEN participants in good standing. Each school may send
        official delegates to the IEN Assembly. This IEN Assembly will lay
        groundwork for the IEN's future activities, define IEN objectives
        mission, develop an agenda, chart a course of action, and also
        the IEN's executive structures and IEN working committees. IEN
        Assembly participants are invited to submit ideas for projects and
        and are invited to submit proposals to host future IEN Conferences. 

        IEN Participant Registration for Conference and Assembly

        IEN participants in good standing (fully paid fees by 23 June 2003)
        requested to register for participation in the IEN Conference and
the IEN
        Assembly as early as possible by contacting education at icograda.org 

        Other Events

        The IEN Conference and IEN Assembly will coincide with the degree
        of the University of Brighton, and ties into a broader program of
        interesting activities and events in and around Brighton. All
        attendees of the IEN Conference and IEN Assembly will be notified of
        invited to participate in associated activities. 


        Icograda Education Network

        The Icograda Education Network (IEN) brings together the worldwide
        community of graphic design educational institutions. The IEN was
        inaugurated at a meeting in Brno, Czech Republic, in June 2002
        attended by 73 delegates from 28 countries. In keeping with its
        objectives, principles, and core values, Icograda is giving birth to
the IEN
        initiative and will provide early logistical and administrative
support. The
        IEN will develop according to an agenda defined by active IEN
        participants relevant activities will be fueled by the ideas,
energies, and
        resources of the network. 

        Icograda Education Network - Objectives

        IEN's objectives include: creating opportunities for exchange and
        collaboration at all levels of graphic design education
        faculty and students); examining current and future needs and
        challenges of design education; advancement of teaching methods and
        research opportunities; organising collaborative projects, seminars,
        symposia, conferences, etc.; and sharing experiences for mutual
        benefit. Ten percent of all fees contributed by IEN participants
will be
        funneled into the Icograda Foundation, to be used for student
        scholarships and further seeding initiatives. 

        Icograda Education Network - Participation

        The IEN hopes to enlist graphic design educational institutions in
        countries. Participation is open to all schools offering specific
        post-secondary programs in graphic design (across the entire
        of visual communications) according to the specific conditions in
        country. Thus the IEN includes schools that provide advanced
        as well as schools with programs as short as two years. In order to
        the IEN, a school must complete an application form (available from
        Icograda Secretariat), must be willing to actively engage in IEN
        and must pay an annual subscription fee. IEN schools are able to
        part in all programs and projects, and are also invited to propose
        host IEN projects and events. IEN members may participate in IEN
        Assembly meetings and serve on IEN committees and executive organs
        - thus helping define the course of the IEN's development. 

        Annual fees (calendar year) for IEN participation are based on per
        Gross National Product (GNP) for the country in which the applicant
        is based: Category A (per capita GNP $USD 10,000 and above) - $USD
        600; Category B (per capita GNP $USD 2,500 - 9,999) - $USD 400;
        Category C (per capita GNP below $USD 2,499) - $USD 100. 


        On 27 April 2003 (World Graphics Day, and Icograda's 40th birthday)
        IEN website will launch. The website will feature the schools
        in the IEN (each school has an editable profile) and will include
        education information and valuable links related to graphic design
        education. Discussion Lists will provide an active forum for
        between participants.

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