[Air-l] Request for help on ICTs & STS

Vassilys Fourkas vfourkas at estia.arch.auth.gr
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these may be useful resources:

1) Joint Research Centre, Institute for Propsective Technological Studies,
TECS (Futures Programme), 1999: "Information and Communications Technologies
and tthe Information Society Panel Report", EUR 18730 EN.
2) European Commision, 2002: "eEurope Benchmarking Report", Brussels,
5/2/02, COM(2002) 62 final
3) EC, ISPO,  ESIS report, Information Society Activity Centre, 2000,
"Public Strategies for the Information Society in the Member States of the
EU", a report prepared by Isabelle Chatrie and Paul Wraight, LL&A

you could also take a look at


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> Dear all,
> I am a graduate student working on a paper concerning ICTs in Greece in
> terms of policy formation and science-technology governance.
> I am aware that studies on environmental movements and/or biotechnology
> have been concerned with issues such as framing expertise and publics,
> forms of participation, the agenda setting role of economic policy,
> delimitation of publics, etc.
> The difference, as I understand it, between ICTs and environmental and/or
> biotechnological issues has been mainly that the latter have usually been
> debated in terms of the risk that they potentially encompass, while ICTs
> are usually been discussed in terms of the 'progress' they promise.
> Does anyone happen to know any studies on ICTs (preferably of the EU
> context) that discuss such issues?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dimitris Kalamaras
> graduate student
> University of Patras
> Greece
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