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Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of RealSpace by Paul Levinson. A visionary work by the most provocative and original thinker on technology and human communication since Marshall McLuhan, RealSpace traces the neat marriage of communication and transportation--talking and walking--that recently ended in a jarring separation.  Throughout recent history, 
Levinson shows, rail lines and telegraphs, cars and radios, airplanes and television have been coupled in a synergy that allowed us to reach the places we heard about. But with the invention of the Internet and cell phones, our verbal reach has exceeded our corporeal grasp.

With a lucid, reflective style that spans philosophy, science fiction, religion, and technology, RealSpace reopens the final frontier, delving into the roots of our desire to know what's out there and exploring how we might actually make it one day.  Packed with exciting, innovative, even revolutionary thinking about our future, RealSpace is essential reading for everyone who has ever sat at a desk, gazed into the distance and imagined boarding a space shuttle.

More information on the contents can be found at www.routledge-ny.com.

We are now offering AoIR members a 20% discount off the retail price, available only by phone. 

Please cite the source key code REALSPACE when placing your order. The isbn is 0415277434.

US customers: 1-800-634-7064
Canadian customers: 1-877-226-2237
Customers outside North America: 011 44 207 842 2410

Date of offer--November 15, 2003-December 15, 2003
Discounted prices: $17.56 US
                  $26.36 Canadian

Shipping not included.

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