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jeremy hunsinger jhuns at
Sun Nov 30 10:18:09 PST 2003

Chris, everyone,

I hate to say this, but i use several rss enabled systems, none of them 
require .net or any other microsoft-based systems.  While I appreciate 
your effort, I also must say that in my experience .net use is the 
minority position for implementing rss systems, this is primarily 
because there are rss libraries for nearly all web-based programming 
languages, a visit to clearly shows that.  as for client 
side implementations, such as rss aggregators, there are plenty of 
options discoverable for nearly any platform, again most without .net, 
and several can be found on  .   likewise a quick 
search on google for "rss perl" gives adequate access to perl 
tutorials, likewise one can search for python, ruby, or nearly any 
other language or toolkit and find some implementation, i even found an 
implementation in a unix shell.

as for the implementations that you posted, i'd encourage people to 
consider the broader implications(and even the irony) of supporting a 
.net or otherwise proprietary platform to perform syndication which is 
based on open and accessible standards.

I agree though that rss is a handy tool, there is a ton of info on the 
web, and several good books out there:
here are some handy sites:

now, that said and done,  I don't think  this discussion should be 
continued with the tone below.  If you have specific questions about 
implementing rss, or other web services on a variety of platforms, I'm 
sure we can continue the discussion in a more collegial tone as this is 
part of what several of us research, develop and implement on a daily 

have a nice day,


On Nov 30, 2003, at 12:41 PM, Chris Williams wrote:

> You criticized the content that was covered in my post but included 
> none
> yourself to rectify what you perceived to be a problem. That was not 
> only
> unhelpful, it was nonacademic. And every single rss program I listed 
> in my
> post most certainly does require .net to work properly. You not 
> providing
> any of your own sources that do not require .net wasn't very helpful. 
> And
> your one link, , that you included in your reply was
> mentioned several times in the tutorials and rss explanations that I 
> also
> provided links to. I hope you put a little more effort and 
> consideration
> into any further replies regarding this topic. Unlike you, I spent 
> about a
> week putting my original post together that you so callously 
> disregarded.
> <From: elijah wright <elw at>
> <"RSS is one of my favorite useful bits of technology - I agree with 
> your
> promotion of it, but disagree with the scope of what your post 
> covered."
> "o, most of them don't require .NET.  Only the dirty hacks do.">
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