[Air-l] Request for Resources: The Internet and Warfare

Lee Salter l.salter at londonmet.ac.uk
Tue Nov 4 06:27:27 PST 2003

Frank Webster's book The Intensification of Surveillance has got a good 
article by the editor on this area, and then there is all of the stuff 
by RAND. There is also Paul Hirst'sWar and Power in the Twenty-First Century

andrew.herman at comcast.net wrote:

>I have a graduate student who is currently working on a paper on the Internet and the discourses and conduct of 21st centrury warfare.  Believe it or not, we are having trouble finding academic writing on the topic.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
>One of the topics he/we are interested in is what the Department of Defense calls "Network Centric Warfare".  Last spring, I remember there being a post to the AIR listserv from an officer who was teaching the topic at, I believe, the NAval War College. Does anybody know/remember this person?  Is s/he still on the list.
>In any event, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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