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peter jakubowicz peterjak_20 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 15 17:46:49 PST 2003

Hi there,

You might want to check out my artistic friend's
homepage at:http://www.HenriqueC.com



Peter Jakubowicz
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT, Hong Kong
Email: peterjak at cuhk.edu.hk

--- Katerina <knd at hol.gr> wrote:
> I am conducting a research project on the
> presentation of the Self and identity in personal
> homepages. I have already conducted 10 online
> interviews with individuals who own personal
> homepages, in which they present aspects of their
> pesonal identity. However, during the last months I
> have not been able to locate more homepages or the
> ones I have located seem to have not been updated
> for years. I was wondering if anyone could direct me
> to 'where' I can find more personal homepages (apart
> from the search function in yahoo, etc which seems
> to yield no valid findings). 
> Thank you very much for your time, 
> Dionysis Panos 

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