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Dionysis - Many services offer indexes of personal home pages - Geocities,
Yahoo, About.com, Angelfire, http://www.bltg.com/people/ .
I imagine you will run into the same problems with each in that there is no
way to guarantee that they are comprehensive, representative, or that links
are active.  Network sampling might be more useful depending on the goals of
your study, or web rings may provide a point of access (web rings link home
pages to one another based on some theme or topic, typically).
            I've written a bit about personal home pages and have run up
against some of the same issues in sampling and locating home pages; I
discuss some of these issues in my articles. Feel free to check out:

Stern, S. (accepted).  Expressions of identity online: Prominent features
and gender differences in adolescents' WWW home pages.  Journal of
Broadcasting & Electronic Media.  (I can forward you a copy since this is
not yet in print, if you like).

Stern, S.  (2002). Virtually speaking: Girls' self-disclosure on the WWW.
Women's Studies in Communication, 25(2), 223-253.

Stern, S.  (2002).  Sexual selves on the World Wide Web: Adolescent girls'
homepages as sites for sexual self-expression.  In J. Brown, J. Steele, & K.
Walsh-Childers (Eds.) Sexual Teens/Sexual Media: Investigating Media's
Influence on Adolescent Sexuality (pp. 265-286).  NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum &

Stern, S. (1999).  Adolescent girls' expression on WWW home pages: A
qualitative analysis.  Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media
Technologies, 5(4), 22-41.

Good luck,

Susannah Stern, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Communication Department
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Chestnut Hill, MA 02446
phone: 617-552-6015
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I am conducting a research project on the presentation of the Self and
identity in personal homepages. I have already conducted 10 online
interviews with individuals who own personal homepages, in which they
present aspects of their pesonal identity. However, during the last months I
have not been able to locate more homepages or the ones I have located seem
to have not been updated for years. I was wondering if anyone could direct
me to 'where' I can find more personal homepages (apart from the search
function in yahoo, etc which seems to yield no valid findings). 
Thank you very much for your time, 
Dionysis Panos 

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