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Randolph Kluver (Assoc Prof) TRKluver at ntu.edu.sg
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A new blog that may be of interest to some of you....

Published by the Singapore Internet Research Centre at Nanyang
Technological University. We post news items and academic research
concerning the social, cultural, economic, and political impact of the
Internet and other new media technologies in Asia.

Some recent posts: 
China web dissident 'soon free'
Liu Di's grandmother told Reuters news that she could soon be free;
however it was unclear whether her release would have any bearing on
other people arrested at the same time for posting critical material on
the internet.
India: Campaigning through the Internet and SMS
The Congress and BJP, two leading political parties in India have
announced that they will be campaigning through emails and sms in
addition to using the more traditional methods such as posters and
banners. Shopkeepers who specialize in selling campaign paraphenalia are
however not as excited by this new form of campaigning.

Singapore Ranks Top 5 in Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide
In a joint study by the E-governance Institute of Rutgers
University-Newark and the Global e-Policy e-Government Institute of
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea, and was co-sponsored by the UN Division
for Public Administration and Development Management, and the American
Society for Public Administration, Singapore ranked in the top 5 and
Jakrta in the top 20 countries of 100 countries world wide. 
Pakistan: IT education to be introduced on a large scale
IT education will be introduced in 2000 government high and higher
education schools across Pakistan. Amongst other things, it is aimed at
introducing the benefits of the ICT revolution to the common man.

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