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S. Liban sam_liban at
Sun Nov 30 17:25:51 PST 2003



Just to add a few links to those interested: (OpenSource project - RSS-Reader) (German...:) (an overview of

Sources (much more important): (unbelievable amount of RSS-feeds

I personally believe for quite some time now, that RSS will get rid of
Newsletters, as these do not let me decide, what I find interesting or
not (of course, Marketing will tell you, they personalized their
newsletters...) - and lets face it - many poeple get newsletters, that
do not inform them in the way, they thought these "informations" would
But the really best thing about RSS is - you get news, informations
and data from around the world (if you speak more than one language)
anytime, as soon they are made public...not an hour later or so....and
there are so many feeds out there, that it can come handy in certain
times, where the media in one or some countries does not live up to
the principles of truth or reporting facts rather than hearsay

Take care and communicate peacefully...

sam liban

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