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but do also look at the critique of 'interactivity' in Andrew Barry (2001) Political Machines (Athlone) - Ch 6

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Hi Christian,

Below is a selected bib I have. It's not complete. It's missing work by
Eric Bucy and a few others. A key article, below, is McMillan's
"Exploring models of interactivity" in the Handbook of New Media. It's
an excellent overview and touches on the user-to-sytem/machine
interactivity you're interested in and provides relevant cites.

Good luck.

Lee, J.-S. (2000). Interactivity: A new approach. Paper presented at the
Association of Educators of Journalism and Mass Communications, Phoenix,

McMillan, S. J. (2002a). Exploring models of interactivity from multiple
research traditions: Users, documents, and systems. In L. Lievrouw & S.
Livingstone (Eds.), The handbook of new media (pp. 163-182). Thousand
Oaks, CA: Sage.

McMillan, S. J. (2002b). A four-part model of cyber-interactivity. New
Media & Society, 4, 271-291.

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interactivity: An exploration of the role of direction of communication,
user control, and time in shaping perceptions of interactivity. Journal
of Advertising, 31(3), 29-42.

Rafaeli, S. (1988). Interactivity: From new media to communication. In
R. P. Hawkins, J. M. Wiemann & S. Pingree (Eds.), Advancing
communication science: Merging mass and interpersonal processes (pp.
110-134). Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Stromer-Galley, J. (2000). On-line interaction and why candidates avoid
it. Journal of Communication, 5(4), 111-132.

Stromer-Galley, J., & Foot, K. (2002). Citizens perceptions of online
interactivity and implications for political campaign communication.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 8(1).

Sundar, S. S. (2000). Multimedia effects on processing and perception of
online news: A study of picture, audio, and video downloads. Journalism
and Mass Communication Quarterly, 3, 480-499.

Sundar, S. S., Kalyanaraman, S., & Brown, J. (2003). Explicating Web
site interactivity: Impression formation effects in political campaign
sites. Communication Research, 30(1), 30-59.

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I am distinguishing three forms of interactivity: human to human, human
mediated to human and human to machine. Whereas for the first two forms
I can refer to literature about computer mediated and face to face
communication I still need some "food" for human to machine interaction,
which is not only dealing with design issues but with implications of
the increasing employment of human to machine interactions in work
places. Can anybody help with a good article, book?

Thank you
Christian Haack

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