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Lois Ann Scheidt lscheidt at indiana.edu
Sat Apr 3 06:46:29 PST 2004

Per his request I am sending this out to the AoIR community.  If you have
questions please send them directly to Bruce.


From: Bruce Henderson <bruce.henderson at colorado.edu>

Following up on the New Media for New Research Symposium at the University
of Minnesota last September, Nora Paul and I have organized a
symposium/workshop aimed only on the topic of Internet research ethics.
One outcome of the September conference was that participants said they
wanted a conference/workshop devoted completely on Internet Research
Ethics.... and this is that conference!

Charles Ess, who conducted the ethics session in Minnesota, has agreed to
lead our discussions for this conference, which will be held June 17-19 at
the University of Colorado at Boulder. Elizabeth Buchanan, editor of the
book Readings in Virtual Research Ethics: Issues and Controversies, also
will give a presentation and assist with discussions; as will Annette
Markham, University of Illinois at Chicago, who will talk about IRBs and
research methods; and Phil Weiser, University of Colorado at Boulder, will
talk about legal issues and Internet research.

I am writing  to invite your participation in the "Understanding Internet
Research Ethics" symposium/workshop June 17-19 at the University of
Colorado at Boulder. 

Conference registration/hotel information is at:


As part of the registration, please propose an Internet research ethics
scenario that we could discuss in a workshop format as part of this
conference. The registration form includes an area where you could propose
such an ethical dilemma.

Calls for research ethics dilemma proposals have been sent out generally
prior to this, but with the deadline fast approaching for proposals (April

Bruce Henderson
Associate Professor
University of Colorado at Boulder

Lois Ann Scheidt MPA MIS SPHR CCP
Doctoral Student
School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University
Bloomington IN USA
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