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While not directly focused on the Internet as such, the following may be of
interest to Aoir-ists, especially vis-a-vis notions of literacy in
electronic culture and the possible impacts of shifting from print to
electronic culture.

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Forthcoming book announcement.

Critical Thinking and the Bible in the Age of New Media, edited by Charles
Ess.  (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 2004)

Critical Thinking and the Bible in the Age of New Media collects
contemporary scholarship to address the question: What does critical
thinking about the Bible - e.g., as applied in Jewish and Christian
traditions of interpretation, theology, and our very understanding of what
"Scripture" means - "look like" as the Bible (_the_ Book of the age of
print) is transmediated from print to electronic formats?
This volume, the first of its kind, is made up of contributions originally
developed for a conference sponsored by the American Bible Society.
Contributors represent a wide diversity of religious traditions and academic
disciplines--philosophy, biblical studies, theology, feminism, aesthetics,
communication theory, and media studies. Ess's Introduction summarizes the
individual chapters and then develops their broader significance for
contemporary debates regarding media, postmodernism, and the possible
relationships between faith and reason.

Table of Contents: 
Introduction: Critical Thinking, Biblical Texts, and Faith and Reason in the
        Age of New Media
Keynote Address: Reasoned Judgment and Revelation: The Relation of Critical
        Thinking and Bible Study - Peter Facione
Critical Thinking Within Biblical Texts:
    Bible Reading and Critical Thinking - Christof Hardmeier
    Critical Thinking for Ordinary Believers - Byron Eubanks
Three Contemporary Perspectives on Critical Thinking and the Bible
     Let the Reader Understand: Biblically Disciplined Thought in Light of
            the Interrogative Model of Reasoning -Susan and Jim Bachman
    Critical Thinking in the Black Church - Isaac Mwase
    Women's Feminist Critical Thinking about the Bible -
            Elizabeth Dodson Gray
Postmodern Perspectives
    Reading Scripture as Critical-thinking Christians in a Postmodern Era -
            James Voelz
    McLuhan and a Critical Electronic Ethos: Contexts in Collision or
         Harmony - Donald Colhour
    Hearing the Hum in a Wired World: Preliminary Musings on Virtual Reality
         and Evangelical Education - Ben Witherington
Voices of Caution
    Images Have Consequences: The Impact of the Visual on the Word -
        Terry Lindvall
    Reading and Critical Thinking: Pentecostal Traditions vis-á-vis New
         Media - Michael Palmer
Middle Grounds 
    Bible Study, Critical Thinking and Post-Critical Thought: Cultural
        Considerations - Phil Mullins
    Bible Reading between History and Industry - Eep Talstra
    Prayer and the Internet - Kate Lindemann
Contributors; Index.

348 pages.  Available early summer.
ISBN 0-7618-2863-X     Paper $38.00
ISBN 0-7618-2862-1      Cloth $65.00
The book may be pre-ordered by calling UPA Customer Service at

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