[Air-l] the september project: invitation to get involved

Maximilian Forte mcforte at kacike.org
Tue Apr 13 19:42:50 PDT 2004

This is very interesting Gina, as an interpretation of what I said the
original message left unspoken. When I visited the website, I personally got
no sense whatsoever of anything you mentioned in your message. Perhaps you
have more intimate knowledge of this project. Let me just say that I hope
you are right in the interpretation you offered in your message.

In the event that you are correct, and that this is a brilliant project, I
would be interested in learning the methods and means by which messages such
as yours will be conveyed and coordinated through a vast network of
libraries, and who the prime movers will be in ensuring that just such a
message gets across.

As for my comment on the exact quote I extracted, I believe that my comment
still stands. Anyhow, I very much appreciate your comments. You will be
probably be one of the very few with the courage to address this topic on
list...otherwise, as you will notice, the silence is deafening.


Maximilian C. Forte

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