[Air-l] RE: qualitative data analysis software?

Joao Vieira da Cunha jvc at MIT.EDU
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The decision on what program to use depends not only of the data being
analyzed but also on the methodological inclination of the researcher.
Those are take a more positivistic approach to qualitative research (a
la Grounded Theory) would find software such as Nvivo and (in the border
between qualitative and quantitative) N5 a better fit because of their
emphasis on structured coding. Those with a more interpretive approach
to qualitative research are better off with software such as Atlas.ti
where coding is a more open ended task.


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There was a positive review on the LINGUIST list about a newly released
product called QDA Miner.

Review: http://linguistlist.org/issues/15/15-1243.html#1
Product:  http://www.simstat.com/QDAMiner.htm 

Since it's new, there probably aren't too many people who have used it,
it looks pretty good.

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What software do people recommend (or not recommend) for qualitative 
data analysis?
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