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Ph.D. Scholarship at ITU: Open Source MMOG Development

The IT University of Copenhagen, Department of Digital Aesthetics and 
Communication, invites applications for a Ph.D. position to be filled 
in 2004. The position is available from 1st of November or 1st of 
December. The position is funded by the Danish Research Agency.

The Ph.D. student will be part of the Department of Digital Aesthetics 
and Communication, DIAC (http://www.itu.dk/English/research/diac/), 
which addresses the aesthetic, cultural, social, and communicative 
aspects of IT-phenomena. Several of the researchers in DIAC are engaged 
in the Center for Computer Games Research (http://game.itu.dk). The 
Ph.D. student will be affiliated with the ODDPAW research project and 
will take part in the activities of the Center for Computer Games 

The ODDPAW research project (Open Source Design and Development of 
Persistent gAme Worlds), integrates research and teaching activities 
related to the area of Open Source and Massive Multiplayer Computer 
Games. The project’s aim is to design a framework for persistent-world 
games where new concepts and new forms of play can be developed and 
explored, using open source technology.

The applicant has to submit a project proposal within the area of 
development and design of massive multiplayer games, and focused on the 
ODDPAW project (more information on request). Together with the 
theoretical work that a Ph.D. student must carry out, the applicant 
should be able to collaborate in the concrete development of an Open 
Source Massive Multiplayer game platform. Documented programming skills 
and previous experience in relevant game development will be considered 
an advantage.

Formal requirements
The Ph.D. scholarship runs for a period of 3 or 4 years depending on 
the educational level of the student. A three-year scholarship can only 
be awarded to applicants with a Master degree, equivalent to a Danish 
graduate degree. Students with a Danish bachelor degree and one 
additional year of master studies or equivalent can be awarded a 
four-year scholarship. On the application, the applicant must indicate 
whether he or she is applying for a three or four year scholarship. 
Both is possible.
To be awarded a scholarship requires enrolment as a Ph.D. student. 
Enrolment is based on the assessment of the submitted application by a 
committee consisting of researchers within the field in question. The 
Ph.D. programme includes coursework and the possibility of staying in 
another international research environment for a period of 6 months.
Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the agreement between 
the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional 
Associations (AC). Applicants must be able to document that they will 
be able to fulfil the requirements listed before entering the Ph.D. 
programme. The place of work is our new buildings in the Ørestad in 

For further information
Please see our website www.itu.dk or contact Dr. Art. Espen Aarseth, 
Center for Computer Games Research for further details: aarseth @ 
itu.dk or phone +45 72 18 50 45.

Applications may be in Danish or English and must include
	1.  	Completed application form available on our website: 
	2.  	Letter of motivation 
	3.  	Project description (see guidelines on our website) 
	4.  	Documentation of previous studies 
	5.  	Brief CV 
	6.  	Copies of theses or up to 3 selected publications and a numbered 
list of all publications if any

All application material, including all enclosures (see above points 
1-6), must be assembled in sets.
The application including 4 copies of the enclosures and at least 1 
copy of the publications or theses, marked “(PhD Scholarships)” ref. 
no. 225-0005 must be submitted to:

  The IT University
Att.: Journalen
Rued Langgaardsvej 7,
2300 Copenhagen S

Applications received by E-mail will not be taken into consideration.

Application deadline: 26 of August 2004 at 12.00 noon.

The IT University invites all qualified candidates irrespective of age, 
gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background to apply for the 

jeremy hunsinger
jhuns at vt.edu

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