[Air-l] screening out spam

Gary Thompson glt at svsu.edu
Tue Aug 17 03:48:21 PDT 2004

The recent spate of messages from those trying to unsubscribe reminds 
me that about 2/3 of everything I get via e-mail—even with an academic 
address—is spam. I’ve got my “rules” set up so as to try to catch some 
of this:

--if the subject line contains certain keywords, e.g., “market,” 
“drugs,” “investment,” “penis,” “casino,” then it goes into my trash 
--if the from line contains “admin,” then it goes in the trash box
--if the “to” says “undisclosed recipients,” etc.

I’m wondering whether others have had success with similar rules, as 
opposed to installing spam-killing software (and as for that, how well 
does it work, when spammers garble key words so as to avoid screening, 
e.g., Vi*ag*kra or other combinations).

Gary Thompson

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