[Air-l] Research on identity communication in online communities

Meng Ma mma at rhsmith.umd.edu
Thu Aug 26 07:25:15 PDT 2004

Hello All,

My advisors and I are conducting research on the identity management of
online community members. I find some posts in this list very interesting
and relevant. For example, last week or so, somebody posted a discussion
regarding how people pick their nicknames online. We are studying various
ways people manage (or negotiate) their identities and present themselves
as who they are in the cyberspace. We are not able to find too much
academic research in this area besides old works from Goffman and some
social psychologists. So I think maybe I can post here and see if some
colleagues have similar interests and/or can give some advice.

Also, we developed an online survey for our study. If interested, anyone is
welcome to fill it out while we conducting a pilot test. Here is a link:


Sorry to bother those who are not interested.

Thank you!
Jessie Meng Ma, PhD Candidate
DIT, R.H.Smith School of Business
University of Maryland, College Park.

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