[Air-l] Aliases

noci nochi at gmx.net
Tue Aug 17 16:12:01 PDT 2004

 > Why would folks choose an alias for a professional listserv?

ha, don't assume we're all professional somewhat-"ists" here. oops, just 
gave myself away.

> Then, I 
> started to realize the assumptions......what if I have politically 
> unpopular viewpoints or want to ask a "loaded" question? 

hm, that's a point among many possible ones.. as i just said probably 
not everyone here is "professional" in the sense of
"belonging" ("quote"=> because i mean in the hierarchical, 
institutional, even commercial sense) to the audience this list is aimed at.
let me clarify though, i'm aware air.l is open to anyone and that's just 
fine, though anecdotal evidence (ohhh, the joy of using expressions 
regularly used by the natives ;) shows that most (active!!) people 
around here are in some way affiliated with the social/comm/psy/etc. 
scientific communities.

that said, i for one wouldn't feel the need to go "non-aliased" because 
adding complete name/affiliation/degree etc. information doesn't fit in; 
it wouldnt add any extra value to my posts or put me into perspective at 
all. plus, there might not be such nfo in the first place.
that of course raises the question whether "cred" info modifies the way 
  a message is perceived by the audience. do elaborate "DR X, INSTITUTE 
OF APPLIED MNEMONICS, University of OVer There,.." footers add 
additional impetus to anything?


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