[Air-l] Bloggers on blogging

ros shine at netfly.it
Tue Aug 24 00:51:48 PDT 2004

At 01.38 24/08/04, you wrote:
>I am pulling together a list of sites where bloggers discuss the act of
>blogging, be it design, text, audience, etc.  If you have sites to share
>please let me know off-list.  I will be happy to post what I gather to
>the full list when I have it completed.
>Thank you

You should look at: www.politicaonline.it
It's an italian collective blog very focused on blogging

my best

>Lois Ann Scheidt MPA MIS SPHR CCP
>Doctoral Student
>School of Library and Information Science
>Indiana University
>Bloomington IN USA
>Webpage:  http://www.loisscheidt.com
>Blog:  http://www.professional-lurker.com
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