[Air-l] capitalism always lies ?

Robin Cheesman robin at ruc.dk
Fri Jan 30 10:28:49 PST 2004

It´s quite a dirty trick to issue a sarcastic comment with the little 
extra: I will ignore my opponents. A pity, and not quite in accordance 
with your nice footer parole.


On 30-01-2004 19:22, Barry Wellman wrote:

> I learn something new from this list all the time.
> Reading the digest today, I learned that Capitalism is basically
> responsible for media lies.
> Which I guess excludes socialism, fascism, theocracies, authorianism, etc.
> Guess that's why the USSR called its leading newspaper The Truth.
> And why when I was at a conference in Moscow in 1982, I was handed -- on
> arrival -- the "final report" of the conference. We already knew the truth
> before meeting.
> And so it goes.
> My only comment on this subject. All flames will be ignored.
>  Barry
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