[Air-l] Workshop: Blogging and Public Journalism

David Akin jda at davidakin.com
Wed Jul 14 05:01:52 PDT 2004

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Next month, Toronto hosts the annual conference for the Association for 
Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (http://www.aejmc.org/) 

As part of the pre-conference hoopla, the Canadian Newspaper 
Association and the Public Journalism Network (http://www.pjnet.org) 
has organized an afternoon-long workshop which I'll be moderating. 
We'll be talking about blogging and how it can inform ideas about 
participatory and public journalism.

Participants are to include Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis, Rebecca MacKinnon 
and Jay Rosen.
(Links to their blogs are at my blog: 

Here's the blurb from the PJNet site:

Exploring the Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism

August 3, 2004, Toronto, Precedes AEJMC Convention

  Participatory journalism tools in the form of weblogs and other 
electronic communications are changing the face of mass media, but are 
complementary to public journalism. These are powerful tools as Howard 
Dean’s campaign proved by using weblogs and MeetUp to get 170,000 
people nationwide to sign up for face-to-face meetings. The Daily Kos, 
a citizen run weblog, has 1.5 million unique visitors a month. These 
are just two of many impressive examples. Learn how we can borrow from 
or incorporate these tools to improve the state of journalism.

  Walk Away Knowing:
•  What journalists can put to use now
•  What questions researchers should be asking
  •  What journalism professors should be teaching
  •  How citizens around the world can practice participatory journalism
  •  How to begin building information communities.
[More at: http://www.pjnet.org/toronto_conference.shtml]

Canadians interested in this event can download a form and register at:

The registration includes dinner and cocktail social!

David Akin
Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

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