[Air-l] Re: Data

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Wed May 26 09:43:32 PDT 2004

> Transit the bigger player sells to the smaller one. So hand- off to a
> peer reduces overall cost. Though I’m not sure it impacts data line
> lease as the traffic from people’s computers to ‘the net’ i.e. the
> peering point, is the same.

this happened a little more often when lines were more expensive - in many
cases, ISPs (including one i worked for briefly in the mid-90s) would
carefully choose their peers in order to minimize the amount of money
being paid out to the telco in 'rent' for the trunk lines between the ISP
and the neighboring peers.  such an action was saving between 7 and 10,000
dollars a month - not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but a ton of
cash for a mom-and-pop small ISP.


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