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Charles Hendricksen veritas at u.washington.edu
Wed May 5 09:45:06 PDT 2004


     I am currently employed half-time on a research project with large 
NSF grant.  The team is studying Public Participation in Transportation 
Planning.  My brief is to advise and assist the research team in the 
design, selection and use of asynchronous tools and methods.  While I 
engage in collaboration with the team in substantive research, my 
principal task is enabling collaboration.

ET wrote:
> hi all,
> just a question for the groups members - hopefully some may wish to reply.
> The "modern" internet has now been going for about 10 years.
> As a result we have many new professions...
> we have web designers, programmers and a host of specialist IT positions.
> Does anyone in here work full time in a position that is called 
> "Internet Researcher" or that one could take to be, from the job 
> responsibilities, to be a full time internet researcher?
> Does anyone know of another person who has the above role?
> I am particularly interested to know if anyone works for a company in 
> such a role.
> thanks in advance for your time,
> regards
> Eero Tarik
> Adelaide
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