[Air-l] researchers ???

Hamish Cunningham H.Cunningham at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Wed May 5 03:21:49 PDT 2004

The problem with "internet" is that it is such a big term - from
the IP protocol to community groups. So saying "internet researcher"
is so broad as to be almost meaningless without further qualification?

For example, I work with people at BT labs on a project called SEKT
(http://sekt.semanticweb.org/) that develops semantic technology for
knowledge management; I work with people at the BBC on a project
called PrestoSpace (http://prestospace.ina.fr) about preserving and
accessing audiovisual media in digital libraries. Just accross campus
from me are historians busily transcribing 18th Century court reports
for on-line access. Upstairs people are modelling complex mathematical
entities called X-machines that may help verify the correctness of
net servers. All are clearly "internet research", but are quite
diverse - and that's just stuff that I personally have at the top of
my head.

I suppose that if you work on the statistics of net usage, or similar,
then you might end up shortenning your description to net researcher,
but it wouldn't be very meaningful?



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ren at aldermangroup.com wrote:
> I’ve never been ‘internet researcher’ but I used to 
> be ‘global head of commercial internet strategy’ when I was 
> at (at the time) the worlds biggest ‘isp’. 
> Previous to that I was at British Telecommunications who have 
> a large research facility at Martlesham Heath in the UK and 
> there I’m sure there were entire departments called internet 
> research and room-on-room of people called internet 
> researchers – the kinds of stuff done in the labs ranged from 
> basic research into things like protocols (resulting in RFCs 
> etc) all the way up to commercial applications of technology, 
> and, pause – futurology, shudder.
> BT labs home page is here: http://www.labs.bt.com, I’m sure 
> their PR people would be happy to help if you were interested 
> in job titles and stuff there. 
> Ren  
> www.renreynolds.com
> terranova.blogs.com
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>>hi all,
>>just a question for the groups members - hopefully some may 
> wish to reply.
>>The "modern" internet has now been going for about 10 years.
>>As a result we have many new professions...
>>we have web designers, programmers and a host of specialist 
> IT positions.
>>Does anyone in here work full time in a position that is 
> called 
>>"Internet Researcher" or that one could take to be, from the 
> job 
>>responsibilities, to be a full time internet researcher?
>>Does anyone know of another person who has the above role?
>>I am particularly interested to know if anyone works for a 
> company in 
>>such a role.
>>thanks in advance for your time,
>>Eero Tarik
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