[Air-l] Internet usage patterns of academics and historians

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>> I am doing research for a book about how the Internet can
be used as a
>> tool to teach about history and to conduct history projects. 
>> Currently, I am looking for existent research on the
Internet usage
>> patterns of those interested in history -- professors,
>> amateur historians, museum enthusiasts, and genealogists. 
>> anyone know of any studies, research projects, articles,
>> books, etc. that might be relevant?  Leads to any general
>> about Internet usage by professors and other academics
would also be
>> very helpful.
>You might be interested in my book on cyberscience. It 
>includes an extensive comparison of the status quo of ICT 
>use in 13 disciplines, among them history. Btw, in this 
>comparison, North-American History turned out to be the most 
>"cyber" of all. Here is the quote:
>Nentwich, M. (2003) Cyberscience: Research in the Age of 
>the Internet, Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press. 
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