[Air-l] Emotional Content in Weblogs and News Sites Online

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sat May 15 05:52:00 PDT 2004

There is an OLD (for internet studies) classic 
article circa 1986 by Rice and Love that looked 
at "electronic emotion" in online fora. I'm sorry 
I don't have the citation handy, but I suspect 
someone on this list does. Nancy

>I am in the process of writing my Master thesis 
>on a comparative study of weblogs and online 
>news sites. One of my measures is emotional 
>content. I want to find out whether weblogs 
>offer more emotional content than online news 
>sites based in print, broadcasting, and the web. 
>I looked at an email and information richness 
>study by Panteli (2000) and there I discovered 
>that emoticons, capital letters or abbreviations 
>were replacements for shortcomings with respect 
>to face-2-face emotions. I am not sure if these 
>measures suffice to make inferences from text in 
>weblogs or online news sites? Does anyone know 
>of measuring tools in online text communication 
>that would make sense in light of this study?
>Kind Regards
>Gerd Stodiek
>ISNM International School of New Media
>University of Lübeck
>Gerd Stodiek
>M.Sc. Digital Media Program
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>23554 Lübeck, Germany
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