[Air-l] Google is watching !

Maximilian Forte mcforte at kacike.org
Thu May 20 08:36:11 PDT 2004

> Your intention, obviously, means nothing. You are being Googled for
> everyone to see, and for the future to judge you.

Well, no, actually. As someone who posted in haste in a heated discussion on
another list, I saw my postings being listed by Google for a good year
afterwards. Yet, while the archive of that list is still online, not a trace
of my older postings makes even a remote appearance in Google. So there must
be something about the way that Google works that we are over estimating.
It's fairly easy for me to prove that something that is still online, and
was listed by Google, is no longer being listed. Now, as for
web.archive.org--I take that more seriously, but it's interesting to see how
many people still react with surprise to learn of its nature, or even of its



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