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I've been finding this a really interesting debate, so I hope that no one minds me raising a point, and that it's not already been discussed as part of the debate.  I just wondered where copyright comes into this - is part of the problem about what it's legitimate to record actually about what it's legitimate to reproduce?  I'm thinking from a UK perspective and do appreciate that things will be (very) different in other countries/contexts, but from that perspective I would think that actually lifting material and putting it into another website would be inappropriate, while just linking to it would be appropriate.  I know there's a 'fair use' for academic research clause in UK law, but how far does that extend?  Would a blog that's not on an ac.uk or .edu or equivalent domain (like the one below) still 'count' as academic research?  (Yes, I'm sure that opens up lots of cans of worms!)  Eero, would you have felt differently about finding your words on another website if there had just been a link to them instead?  For what it's worth, I agree entirely with Rod Carveth's comments (and please excuse the not-intended-to-be-ironic cut & paste!):
 And, if I as a citizen put my communication in a form that others
can access, then I am giving up my right to say no to being researched.  If
I don't want to be subject to research, then I don't participate in
communication activities where my interactions can be accessed by the

But I don't necessarily agree that my act of posting gives other people the right to reproduce what I post, only to refer to it and link to it (outside a context that is clearly a research context).  I'm not trying to have a go at Derek, or anyone, I was just curious about what people thought.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and that your weather's as wonderful as it is here in Glasgow!


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ET wrote:
> But the page isnt in this forum. My comments, and those of Danah and
> Jenny are being discussed in someone ELSES forum !!!
> here is the link
> http://lackaff.net/archives/2004/5/15/ethics-and-online-identity/

Thus is a lurker exposed. I'm glad I could contribute in some way to the discussion.

Thank you all for your insightful exploration of these ethical issues -- as a relatively new researcher in a relatively new research area, I find such debate very useful.

And, by the way, hello.

Derek Lackaff
Masters candidate / Media Studies
La Trobe University
Bundoora, Australia

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